Decopauge papers & Glue (Tutotial)

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Decoupage on MDF box

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 Hi friends,
Welcome to this blog post and today and we are gonna play with the gorgeous Papericious Decoupage Papers which were released in September 2017. The papers are perfectly coordinated and extremely vibrant and gorgeous. They come in two sizes 6"x6" and 8"x8"which makes it perfect for smaller projects too without causing any wastage. 

The Special decoupage glue is my new best friend as it is glossy and gives us enough time to position the paper and once decided sticks it forever. It is also available in two packages and you can pick any.

For today's project I also used the White Crackle paste and it is stunning! I love the gorgeous cracks on my project and here is a close up shot for you. Isn't it beautiful!!!

So I took an old MDF box and decided to amp it up using the decoupage papers. I cleaned the box nicely and prepared it for priming. I love the Papericious white gesso and covered the box from inside as well as outside. I allowed it to dry completely.

For the next step I added a lot of Papericious crackle paste and I will highly recommend it if you wish to get the most beautiful crackle effect on your mixed media projects or decoupage projects...

 Next I added a brown stain all over the box so that I get a more vintage aged effect as the stain seeps in the cracks and a gorgeous effect is created .

I used my super sharp pair of scissors to cut around the flower cluster and that will go on top of the box. I have used a 6"x6" paper here.

I adhered the paper patch using the amazing Papericious Decoupage glue and that finished the project. The box is a gorgeous piece of art which can hold your jewellery or can be gifted to someone with chocolates filled in it.

I hope you liked this decoupage project and do check out all the other wonderful project my team mates have created for you. I am sure you will love working with the Papers and art mediums launched by Papericious.
See you soon
take care

Decoupage glue
Guilding flakes
Brown Stain spray
Paint brush


Decoupage Box + Mobile cover

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Hello My Dear Friends

Decoupage is an old know art wherein an object is decorated by gluing paper cutouts in combination with special paint effects and various decorative elements. It is done on various surfaces ranges from wood , glass , fabric , plastic and so on.
Papericious recently launched Decoupage papers ,Glue and chalk paints.The decoupage papers have Gorgeous motifs of butterflies and flowers, you can check out the entire collection here.

I Decoupaged a mobile cover and MDF box 
Have a look!!!!

For this box here i used my favorite Decoupage paper - Peacock Medley. 
Here is how i altered this box
Apply a base coat of white chalk paint on entire box. For a smooth surface sand the first layer of paint with sanding block and than apply second coat.
Using the Decoupage Glue apply the Decoupage paper - Peacock Medley on the top of the box , smoothing out the bubbles and leave it to dry.
For a washed paint effect inside the box , Mix Chalk paint -French Blue with glazing medium in a ration of 80 to 20 percent.
 Apply a layer of this paint mix on the base white paint with flat brush and wipe of with wet cloth for a washed effect.
 On the outer side of the box apply the paint mix (Chalk paint + glazing medium) with flat brush and using the texture tool create horizontal and vertical line. 

For the top - apply a thick layer of  glossy accent - crackle and leave it to dry overnight. 
For the cracks to appear apply a thin coat of brown acrylic color and wipe of immediately with baby wipe 

 Hope you will like my work for today and will try to make one.


List of Supplies
Papercious -
Decoupage paper - Peacock Medley
Decoupage Glue
Chalk paint - French Blue

Other supplies
White chalk paint 
Glazing medium
Glossy accent - crackle
Brown acrylic paint
Metal feets


Decoupage Love

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Hello lovely people,
Decoupage—from the French word découper, meaning to cut out—is a craft or art form that entails pasting cut-outs (typically paper) to an object and then covering them with several coats of varnish or lacquer.
Decoupage is a fun and easy way to decorate just about any object, including household items from small box to large pieces of furniture--the possibilities are endless. Best of all, decoupage can be learned fairly quickly in just a few steps.
Here I am with a tutorial to three small projects.
Lets get started...
Get your materials ready:
  • Select an object you want to decorate, and collect materials to decorate it with. 
  • I have used the new range of Papericious decoupage papers (you have ten amazing prints to choose from and they come in 6x6 inch and 8x8 inch sizes)
  • Tray and two boxes from my stash for the projects today. 
  • You would be needing acrylic/chalk paints, flat bristle paint brushes,roller or squeegee or your old credit card, sandpaper,
  • Decoupage glue.

Prepare the surface:
  • Make sure the object you are decorating is clean and dry,sand it down to remove bumps and imperfections if necessary.
  • If you want to paint it or refinish it, you should do this before pasting anything onto it.
  • I am using chalk paints and acrylic paints. 
  • Paint the areas where you wont be sticking paper.


I am using  Pretty Peonies with the tray.

  • The new  Papericious decoupage papers are perfect with there gsm strength not too thick or thin for decoupage. 
  • Use a paintbrush to apply a thin layer of glue onto your surface. Make sure you apply the glue evenly overly the tray base. 
  • Cut the paper to required size and stick the decoupage paper in place and let dry. Since the Papericious glue is very tacky you have ample time to adjust the paper to perfect position. Use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles.Let dry. 
  • If there is some extra decoupage paper around, you can trim it with a paper cutter or use a sand paper for a cleaner look.
  • I used the Kaisercraft script stamp on the outer edge of the tray with ranger Sepia archival ink.
  • To finish and seal the project I used Asian Paints Aquadur wood varnish. 
Using a sealant: 
When the sealant is dry, sand it with  sandpaper to remove imperfections. Use a damp cloth to remove residue from sanding. Do not sand until you have enough coats of sealant to completely cover the underlying surface. If you are not satisfied with one coat of varnish, give 2-4 hours drying time before applying a second coat. 

I have used the Hakasons resin to coat the tray bottom to give a glass finish to it. While using any brand resin its must to follow the instructions on the pack as every resin brand have different mixing ratios for resin and hardner. Mix it thoroughly and let it cure. Pour the resin slowly to avoid any bubbles appearing. If any bubbles do arise use a straw to blow out the bubbles. Please be careful while working with resin and wear gloves, mask, shades to protect yourself. 

Every resin takes 18-24 hrs to dry. Keep the tray at a leveled position till it dries completely.

  • For this box also I used the  Pretty Peonies decoupage paper. I totally loved this print so had to use it to the last inch.
  • For this have trimmed the paper sized to the outer edges of the box and the inside of the box.
  • Painted the hexagon with pearl pink chalk paint and the edges using a darker shade acrylic paint.Its just perfect for a cute little trinket box. 
  • The lid has resin finish. 

The steps of the decoupage remains same. I have given this box a distressed finish.
Getting this finish is easy specially with chalk paints and Papericious has some very gorgeous chalk paint shades. I am sure you would love playing with them. Another reason why I personally love chalk paints is they have non tacky powder finish to them when dry as compaired to other paints. For this box I have used the Blue Roses decoupage paper.

  • For this box I have mixed small quantity brilliant purple and blue violet acrylic paints with the country grey chalk paint  for the base coat of the box.
  • Let dry. 
  • Used white chalk paint for the top coat of the box.
  • After the chalk paint layer dries completely(approx. 2 hours), sand it unevenly till you get the desired look using a sandpaper/sanding block.
  • Use a brush to dust away all the residue.
  • Seal it using the sealant to achieve the perfect look. 

Hope you would try your hands Decoupage.Leave any queries in comments. 

Supplies Used:


Papericious September Challenge Winners

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Hello people!!

Chirali this side. First of all, I wish you all a very Happy and prosperous Diwali on behalf of the whole Papericious team. 

So I am here today to share the Winner and the Top 3 for our September ‘Incorporate a chipboard’ Challenge.

First of all, let us thank everyone who played along. Every on of you was amazing and it was a tough selection for us. 

So here are our September month's winners...

In the TOP 3 we have :

And the WINNER chosen by our DT Members is


Anushree Vaish

Congratulations!!! Well done! We all loved your take on the challenge them of ‘Incorporate a chipboard’ using Papericious Chipboards! :)

Please e-mail with the subject line September Challenge Winners to claim your voucher. You can also grab your Winner's badge from HERE.

Top 3, you can also grab your badge from HERE and flaunt it on your blog :)

It does not end here. We would like to give an honorable mention to the person who has incorporated Papericious Chipboards in her creation very well.

Palchin Creation

This mixed media album has so many papericious chipboards which have been incorporated beautifully.

Our challenge for October is also up and this time it’s all about glitters. You can check out more details in THIS post.

Come and play along our fun challenge.
Chirali. :)